About Us

Vicky’s Kitchen is born from a heart-felt feeling that our Mum’s cooking is the best! Not just because we say so, but because others have said so for many, many years. Her cooking encapsulates cultural heritage and tradition passed down through generations of Caribbean people – especially Guyanese – and is something we are determined to share with our customers.

The name Vicky’s Kitchen acknowledges the influence of our great grandmother, Victorine Harris (Miss Vicky or Mama Vic as she was affectionately known) and is the brand name that we aspire to be associated with quality, Caribbean influenced food.

All of our products are made with fresh scotch bonnet chillies, some with a little,
some with a lot, there’s a bit of spice for everyone’s taste. 
Our versatile condiments are perfect for all occasions.

Use our hot sauces to drizzle, dip or add to dressings and stews
Add delicious umami flavours to your cheeseboard with our jams
Bring BBQ to your home all year round, with our award-winning sauce and smokey Mash-Up

Our Award Winners

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